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Expect to Size Up Your Competition in International Events?

A large part of International Events is able to see what's currently available in your industry, from materials to designs to style or color trends. This may be an obvious point for most, but sometimes, either due to planning issues or because there are not enough people to man your booth, you can often realize that at the end of a show they are not really the have had the chance to see what was different. Make sure you walk through the show at least once while you are there to identify what else is being offered. Although trends and materials are often covered throughout the year in industry newsletters or blogs, seeing current designs and styles firsthand can give a much better picture of what other brands and designers are working on.

Barcelona-International Events

The following events are scheduled in Nov, 2021 at various centres in Barcelona Spain.

Expominer 2021
How to Reinforce Direct Mail in Expominer 2021 (Nov-2021) in Barcelona Spain
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